Monday, December 3, 2007

Man the F%&k Up!

Thank you Jenny and E for your kind words of encouragement.

You're right. Blogging is my outlet. I knew I couldn't give it up when a
million things happened this weekend and I had to tell someone, but

So here's the update of all updates....

I was asked to create my own job description with salary requirements.
I'm at a loss. Its amazing that I didn't quit on the spot. I've changed
in the past few years. If this happened circa 2000, I would've probably
had to deal with being unemployed and an assault charge. Having to pay
rent changes things.

But...ummm...yea....its due tomorrow. We'll see what I come up with.

Saturday was really a nightmare though. I was rushing to get to a ball.
I didn't like how my eyebrows came out. I'm going to be looking kinda
scruffy for the next month til they grow in. I got all my stuff closed
my door, realized I didn't have any heels. Went back to get them and
bam! I locked myself out. Shit! Summer (aka BestFriend) wasn't picking
up the phone. I called her house. Her mom seemed a little concerned.
Summer hasn't been calling home. She's been gone since a little before
Thanlsgiving. So, who knows!?! No one likes her boyfriend. She gets
tunnelvision around him where she doesn't see anything or anyone but
him. I can see this ending badly, but ....*sigh* She didn't leave her
keys home.

I told my mom. Thankfully, I had my cell phone, my iPod, and my debit
card. The most important things. She doesn't have keys to my apartment
and there was really no locksmith. I was pissed cause that was really
another expense.

I put on my iPod and miraculously, the headphones (that were fine when I
left the house) don't work and my sidekick's screen has a crack
perfectly down the middle.

What the hay!!!!!

I get to the ball, my confidence is low. I'm low. I don't want to be
there, but its funny....

When I went to pay for my train ticket to get on the PATH (the ball was
in Jersey), I got extra change back. When I went to pay to get into the
ball, it was $20 instead of $30. I got called out as a star. (Which
means that I have a little bit of status. I'm being recognized) and
after more dizzy antics, I won! Yay!

I'm in planning mode. New Year's Eve, the next ball, then my birthday
are all happening in the next 2 months. Excitement.

I told BestGayFriend that I didn't want to be considered his daughter
anymore and I avoided him at the ball. We shared a laugh but once again,
things will no be the same.

As of yesterday, Afroman still hadn't contacted me so I broke down and
cussed him out (kinda) cause I know I didn't do shit to him. He
apologized but things are not normal. I don't think they will be. I've
approached the situation like he left me. Like he walked out on me
because he 'didn't know how to handle the situation' (his words). This
brings me back to mostly everyone in my life fleeing instead of staying
to face my 'wrath'. I think my bark is worse than my bite, but people
are so intimidated by my bark that they don't stay around to see what
the bite is like. In my own head, I know I'm not that bad at all.
Pussies. Haha.

Maybe that's really something I should investigate.

I'm back!!! Miss me?


Jenny said...

glad to see you back behind the keyboard.

Nina said...

Yes hun! Pass me a pink pantie, please!

E said...

i thought u were a goner, nina. glad ur still tappin them keys. don't forget my pink panty (i hate that word, lol) :D