Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Everything is Illuminated.

I mentioned before I think my boss is biased against black women. To back that up....he gave a white woman within 6 months of being with the
company, a supervisory position, a significant raise, and various perks.
Her raise was effective immediately. A black woman with over 10 years
with the company was given a few dollars short of the white woman's
raise, a supervisory position, and her raise was delayed because of "an
accounting glitch" only AFTER the white woman left the company.
I've been asking for a raise since March. No offense to Gi, but she
asked for one in October and got it approved. He's made other comments
here and there about black/big women. Plus...he masterminded the whole
transfer debacle.

Today I went in to work to get a few extra dollars. There was an e-mail stating hours would be cut, but they would be done with fairness and equity.

I checked the schedule. I was cut 3 days out of the week for the next to weeks. So out of a paycheck that is usually 10 days worth of work, I will only have 4 days. Gi got cut 1 day. So out of 10 days, she'll have 8. How is that equal? Plus, she makes more money than me? SO how does that add up?

Foxy (a good friend who is an assistant supervisor) told me a few days ago to watch out, that I'm ruffling feathers (because I'm asking for a raise for the amount of work that I do and I have the audacity to ask for two consecutive days off - not Saturday and Wednesday.)

When I asked why I was cut so severely, I was told "although you were cut more hours than the average, we may be able to give back some hours here and there"....


It is more than apparent that I'm going to have to be an angry black woman.

*devising a plan*

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