Monday, April 27, 2009

Being a Harlot

I was laughing at myself this morning. Last summer, I BOLDLY wore skirts that came mid-thigh with no problem. Today, I'm wearing a lovely dress that's grazing my knee and I'm freaking out. Smh

Is it God? Hmmmm....

I'm really thinking about cutting all of my hair off. ~Random thought~

So....I really wish my friends would make better decisions.

BFF and I went to church yesterday. We were supposed to go to the 9am service because she wanted the rest of her day. Why was I calling her like crazy and she wasn't picking up. Finally, I get her at 8:30 (!!), she was still asleep. I was pissed but didn't say anything.

I told her later, she likes sleep too much. She was like..its a hobby. I told her to grow up. I get maybe 25 hours of sleep during the week. I value rest not sleep. You get your rest but you go overboard into sleep and when you wake up, you're still tired. She was like..true but still...

I really hate that about her. Like, if we need to do something and its in the am...we're gonna be late unless I yell at her and make her feel bad first. Then, she's only on time out of defiance.

So, in her defense, she says she took a Benadryl the night before. WHY? Friday night, she took one at like 2am. She wasn't right until like 2pm the next day. And Saturday night, she knew she would have less than 8 hours of sleep. So, why would you take a Benadryl.

So, whatever. We went to church -almost late for 11am- and we go to the grocery store and then back to her house to cook dinner.

We were talking about making better decisions and I was talking about the dude and the phone number and just saying no even when you want to say yes to be nice. It was very light-hearted at least on my part.
She's like...I have a confession.
I slept with PuertoRican Bobby last night. Bobby for short.

Bobby is this dude she's known since junior high. She used to have a wild crush on him. But, he's all grown up. And he's a loser. Sorry, he is...he has 2 kids. 2 diff baby mamas. Works part-time!! He smokes and sells weed. Generally, does nothing to get himself out of his situation. She's been resisting his advances for a while.

She told our other friend who is deeper in the church a situation that mirrored it but not using spending money as the issue. Her friend was like..its just like if you have a problem with sex. you don't invite someone over to your house.. i was *dead* lol

I was like, BFF, please tell me how you want me to react because you already know my reaction. It as stupid and it only fed your flesh. You have no future with him. I just want you to make better choices. You told the boy you're not ready for this type of relationship. You told the boy you don't want to be with him. You told th eboy you dont want him and then you have sex with him.

I HATE job#2. I really want to quit but..IDK. I guess I will have to trust in God to make a way.

I am really over the other blog. It feels like work.

I'm sick of a lot of things and I just want to run away and hide.

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Young woman on a journey said...

you can't run and hide cause we'll miss you.

don't let the other blog feel like work. just do what you want with it.

I agree with your assessment of bff's situation. but people all have to learn at their own time. you are one such a good track right now. and it can partially be attributed to you reflecting on mistakes and shortcomings in teh past. everyone with their own journey. although i was surprised to read that.

dead at what the woman at church said. but it is oh soo true.

lol about the skirt. i can relate. but in my case, its because i looked in a mirror. lol. o kay that is exaggerating. but i think we all go through these moments. but knee length is not bad is it?

you look fabulous no matter what you do with your hair so i could definitely see a short look on you!

Trish said...

You gave your friend good advice. Its good that you care about her and tell her the truth. She must also respect your opinion to tell you about her messing around with her ex. I have friends that I can only share certain things with.

Jane said...

I feel you with the clothing issue...I'm always walking by mirrors these days wondering who the heck is that broad!

Monie said...

I was wondering what was going on with the other blog. Like, WTH? LOL