Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Word! Is this Dating, These Days?

Gi told me about 2 dates she went on this weekend with the same dude. She met him on Bl.ackPl.anet. They went out to eat the first night. He seemed cool. The next night they went out to eat again by accident. They were supposed to do a movie but it was crowded. It was then that he told her that he's about sex and that if a girl makes him wait too long, he gets bored. His ex slept with him the first night and they were together 3 yrs. So, he basically expected Gi to sleep with him after a few phone conversations but that being her 2nd time meeting him in PERSON. He wanted an "impromptu" relationship.

Oh yea, and he promised her she would be the only one he would sleep with (I guess so they could raw dog...) *insert rolling of the eyes*

Are you effing kidding me?!

Gi, being the sassy lady she is...properly informed him that he would be getting no nookie from her and that she would no longer be entertaining his company. Ya know, just to save him from boredom.
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Trish said...

At least he was upfront. I would rather a guy be bold and say this then act like he's a gret guy and later I find out he's a perv.