Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Learn Ya Lesson, Stupid!

Clearly, I don't listen!

I believe God gives us the tools we need and its just up to us to use them. Friday night, the message was about transforming your mind. The pastor said, "Think. Don't make rash decisions."

What did I do Sunday afternoon? I ran into a friend from high school. He's a rapper and was having a show. Would I buy a ticket? $10. Sure. He didn't have change. Can I buy two? Sure.

1. I didn't ask what day it was on. 2. I only had $20 in my pocket. I had my ATM card.

When I got home, I realized that the show was on Wednesday at 9pm!


$20 meant that I was broke yesterday and today.

I knew that I had $19 to last me from yesterday til today. Piece of cake? Right. No...

Lunch was $8. Dinner was $8.

I didn't even like it. I ate 2 bites and was done (Subway sandwich). This morning, I thought I had more money than I thought because when I went to buy breakfast with my ATM card, it said no ma'am. Luckily, I had a couple of dollars in my pocket.

My account had $2.39 (!!!)

I had $4 in my pocket.

Let's just say, I slept during my lunch break.

So.....I get to job#2 and asked Gi for a couple of dollars.

She only had $3 on her and she didn't want to go by the ATM and come back and I couldn't leave my desk. By this time, I had $2 left.

So, on my way home, I passed by a sub-par pizza parlor who we all think is racist. (I.e, they don't greet black people and they act like they don't hear you when you order but if you're spanish - they are- or white, they perk up when you walk in the door.) They have a special $5.50 for 2 slices and a small drink. The pizza parlor down the block has way better pizza and no ummm...hearing issues. They are slightly more expensive.....$1 more for the special. So, I start scraping around in my pocket for that extra $1. I thought I had it but I didn't have it...I told myself I would be fine with 1 slice and a drink. It came up to $4.25. I remember when a slice of pizza was $1.00, now its $2.75!


Pay day is tomorrow! Thank God!

I've learned my lessons and will make better decisions with my money!
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Trish said...

Well as long as you learned something it was worth it