Thursday, April 30, 2009

Warning: This Post is Not for the Faint of Heart/Stomach

"Have I entered a season of suffering?" I twittered on Tuesday night as the clock struck 2am and my finger was being x-rayed. I smashed it in my mother's door as I was locking it. I've smashed my finger in doors before (sadly) and I never ended in the ER. This time, my nails are wrapped in acrylic. I'm a nail biter when under stress which is like, umm..all the time. Because my nail was wrapped in acrylic, when the heavy door smashed the nail, it cracked in about 5 pieces and was bleeding A LOT. I cried for about 15 minutes before I could contain myself enough to even think of what to do. I woke my poor mother up and I was such a mess. I literally had streaks of mascara/liquid liner rolling down my cheeks. My eyes were red. She was like...we need to go the ER. So, we get there and when I was able to see the doctor, he was like, I don't know what to do. HUNH?

He'd never seen it before. I had two options, leave the broken acrylic on and hope my finger doesn't fall off or take off the acrylic thus my nail and hope it grows back. HUNH?

I opted for the latter since infection is highly probable.

The doctor who was either high or really tired or both gave me a needle on both sides of my finger right where the knuckle is, a needle where he stuck it in the side of my finger and pushed the end across my finger and another on the bottom. Dude, omg...the last one..since the skin is so thick on the palm of your hand, the needle was huge and the injection sites still hurt. He said I took it better than most men. Yay!

He then took surgical scissors and peeled off the acrylic off of my nail. He was able to salvage a lot of it. He did warn me that it may turn black (a scab) and then the scab will fall off, replaced with a new nail. It will take about a month. He prescribed me (children's) liquid motrin for the pain.

I got home at 3:30am and actually went to work. I got 3 hours of sleep and was so out of it. Plus, I couldn't type, write, or move the fingers next to it. Since it's my middle finger that's smashed...that meant I could only move my pinky and thumb. USELESS unless of course I'm gonna do all my work on my blackberry. Um, yea.

I got sent home at 11. I went to job#2 and told them. Got home by 12:15. Was asleep by 12:16. I kept waking up to various texts. One was from a friend saying it was a mutual friend's bday. Dinner 7:30. I got up at 6:30 and got ready. My left-handed make-up job was pretty sweet. Lol.

We went to Red Lobster. I hadn't been since 2005. it was delish.

Friends had mad jokes on me but they were funny. They said my left-handed make-up was 10x better than my left-handed eating and that's because I practice make-up more than eating which is probably true. Everyone's a critic. (Lol)

Got home at midnight.

Woke up doubtful of whether I should work today. I sent Jake a text. He was like, girl please..

:-0 now I'm on the train. How in the world am I gonna make it next week with working only 16hours (22 if I stay a full day today)? Lord Help!

That's why I asked if I were going through a season of suffering. Its just one thing after the next.


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Young woman on a journey said...

babe. i hope things look up. you know when things start going crazy like this, it means something really special is around the corner. God is just preparing you to be grateful when that miracle occurs!

Trish said...

I know quite a few people going through a series of "what the hells?!" Maybe this will be the end of your downward spiral.