Friday, May 1, 2009

Lost Something I've Had for a Long Time + Doing a Naomi

My 3rd molar or wisdom tooth.

The doctor gave me 4 huge needles in my cheek and gums. They tested to make sure I couldn't feel anything. The surgeon came and tested again. She did her incision and pulled the tooth with pliers. I literally heard it as she pulled it out. The doctor did my sutures. It was kinda hard for him to sew it because its in the back of my mouth and its dark back there. Plus half way through, I felt like something was lodged in the back of my throat and I started coughing like a maniac. I had string hanging out of my mouth and stuff...

Guess its slightly comical now.

I have gauze in my mouth and my children's Motrin in my purse for when it starts to get hairy.

All in all, this tooth has cost me $304 + 3 days of work.

On another note, I think I'm going to fall back in several areas of my life.

I've really been feeling like my friends don't care very much. I feel like I've gotten more love and concern from blog friends like young woman than lifelong friends like bff.

Let me take a moment to say, THANK YOU, YOUNG WOMAN!

Not saying that I need constant attention but popping up to ask how I'm doing is much appreciated. Especially since things have been rough on me lately.

In the organization I'm apart of, I've been doing a lot. People who don't do anything have been coming down on me talking smack about the work I'm doing. That's like you watching someone cut the grass in the hot sun while you're sipping lemonade and you tell them..oh you forgot the weeds.

I'm tired and I feel alone. I feel like throwing my phone out the window because every time someone calls/texts me its abt them and I'm there for them but when I call/text them and its about me...its crickets.

Everything that gets used up must be filled. I'm used up emotionally and no one is filling me back up. I'm spent mentally and nothing is filling me back up and so..I'm done for the moment.

After a season of sowing, there is a season of harvest. I believe this may be my season where suffering is sowing some things in me: character, patience, and some things I don't even know. Hopefully, it will bring a harvest of things I can't yet imagine.

I'm encouraged but this is not fun for me.

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