Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekend Recap: Saturday

I awoke Saturday morning to a message from pl.entyoff.ish from this guy. It was well-written and hmmm...I don't know...something abt it made me respond. So, I did. We ended up sending e-mails back and forth all day. Each one he wrote me was funny and witty. We already had an inside joke between us. He's from Brooklyn - Flatbush and so he was like, oh I'm walking distance from him - easier to stalk me.

He asked for my number and we began texting back and forth from ummm 6pm to 2am....yes. Lol.

While this is going on....

I went to two parties.
The first one was for a friend of my friend. He's gay and oh so fabulous and sexy. All of his friends are fab and sexy. Like muscles and body. Smelling good and dressing well. We went to Vlado in Midtown. It was so much fun! One of them said he forgot my name and so he leaned over and was like your name is either Nina or Erica. I was like Erica? Lol. That's so different from my name...he was like, yea but it fits! So, I think I'm just gonna call you Erica. You can be Nina during the week but Erica on the weekends. Try it! Lmao

This other dude was like.."I love your breasts. They're beautiful! Can I play with them?" I was like buy me a drink first! He was like...what you drinking?

---OMG! I had no idea what I started! He wouldn't let it go. I was soo joking. Smh

We were having so much fun but we had another party at a straight club down the block. Ummm...this is the 3rd straight club I've ever been to and I think it may be the last.

We were told ladies would be free til 1am. From 1-2am, there would be reduced admission with our birthday tickets. We get there a lil before 1 - the line for the ladies is wrapped around the block. The men's line was not even 6 deep. Because it was me and this other girl with our two male friends (gay) they let us enter with them on the men's line. Ok...

As we were approaching, this chick was outside in a concoction. It was strips of kelly green shiny fabric made to look like duct tape covering her breasts the long way and a green ballerina tutu with sparkly heels and a tiara. She was sooo drunk cursing out the bouncers like..."Its my birthday, wtf?"

Needless to say, the place was soooooo ghetto as far as people are concerned. The ambiance was beautiful! It had an outdoor rooftop where we boogied pretty much all night.

And....why did the birthday girl not get there til 2:15ish???

I was mad because I didn't want to be out til the witching hour. She told us to be there at 12:30.


She gets there and she's like "Omg, I feel like I'm at the Welfare Center with music!" Hahahah..

We laughed, joked, boogied - made the best of it. Firstly..I didn't eat. I know Cardinal Rule #1: Broken! But...I know my limits. I had 3 drinks. My head was spinning. I sat down for a minute and started watching people - Dudes were like predators. They were watching the girls that looked like they were about to fall over and dance with them to reggae and somehow grab their va-jay-jays or just touch them inappropriately. I just was mindful of where I was dancing and steered clear of basically every dude, lol. Anywho, we left at 5am! The birthday girl...who looked so beautiful and had on some heels I wanted to snatch off her feet! She was saying her feet were hurting so bad. Our friend drove. She said the best line I heard all night.

"My feet are like Tracy Chapman...(She sings) Looking for a fast car..."

I didn't get home and in bed (after a 7Eleven run where I bought and ate a Lunchables) at 6:30 am. So, at 9 -not gonna happen.

I guess...hmmm...don't have an opinion on it...was an experience, lol
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Young woman on a journey said...

sounds fun! i'm so hoping vegas turns out to have one of those nights.