Wednesday, May 13, 2009

random things going on right now

1. so..i am PISSED!
why did this lady call in for a rate...beg me to bring it down, bring it down..i do..then i her i'm going to send her pics. she hounds me 5 phone calls, 4 emails in a 30 minute period...i was at lunch. i send it.she tries to pull a fast one..saying that i told her a bigger car..uh no. mind you, she has THE most annoying voice. then, i look in the system..if i booked it...i wouldn't get the commission because some else did a quote for her. and to top it off...the commission is $12!!! for all the aggravation, i can't even buy a decent lunch in nyc for $12 in all honesty. so..i emailed my supervisor and didn't do anything..i refuse.

2. why do people do the things they do?
gi told me this story of this a-hole in college who made out with her even though he had a gf with the same name as her. 7 years later..he broke up with her but they have 2 kids together. he has 2 jobs and he's trying to go for a bodybuilding championship. and he wants to talk to her. i told her not to go for it. he doesnt have time. he told her he will make time. in all honesty, i told her she's too much work for him. she needs constant attention. she needs the texts all day. she needs the phone calls each night. he probably hardly has time to wipe his ass...but she's like oh..he's swole now. he's buff. he's cute...smh...i was told.

3. i'm calling the new boo gg - gentle giant..mainly because he's 6"5 and can probably crush me with his thumb but he's a sweetie.

so we've had some interesting conversations:
a. just now he said irked me..i text him. he called me cuz it irked him.
i'm planning a surprise for our first date. a midnight movie of angels and demons because he's been reading the book and its really the only thing he's been talking about a lot. (so side thing: he asked if he should have money...ummm, yes its my surprise but as a man, shouldn't you have money just because...a red flag went off in my head like..wait..what?) so then...we were supposed to go out on friday. that was the original date. he text me he had to work til 8. we were supposed to go to the museum (my idea.) so..i was like that's fine...with the time change. i was like..ok, what are we going to do...he was like...well i dont care as long as i'm with you. i said i don't like that answer. you come up with something..he called me like yo, that pissed me off. like...i told you i didnt care i just want to spend time with you...i'm like..that's nice. think of something. we live in nyc. he was like..i don't like manhattan. i was like..i really don't care what you want to do. he's like isn't that the same answer....i think he was kind of arguing with me...he's very aggressive...which i kind of like but sometimes..its like relax buddy...but i was like... dude...stfu..could be because i was previously upset but damn..think of something for a date. that's it.

b. when he first emailed me he said..."your make-up is nice even though you look great without it" ok...harmless...last night he says, i prefer natural girls..without weaves or make-up and stuff.
i'm willing to tone it down around him but honestly, i don't want anyone to change me or even try because i like who i am. in my mind, i'm a make-up artist. point blank. have you ever seen a make-up artist that didn't wear make-up? something about it isn't sitting right with me and i know why. i've heard this before with bff. her ex-husband...was like...i prefer for you to not have male friends, then i prefer you wear heels and then i prefer not to listen to music in the car..and then she became a totally different person. make-up is make-up..and yes, i do wear it every the summer less so...but i can't imagine not wearing it at all..i just feel like we're going to be revisiting this a lot.

he's a good guy but i'm remembering why i'm single and why i like it...just compliment me from time to time and kiss me..all that other stuff..keep it.

there was some good stuff i was thinking about him but i can't even like..think of it now...damn..negroes mess ish up.

my head hurts for the 3rd night in a row.

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