Monday, May 18, 2009


(Sunday at 7pm)
Me: You know...I'm upset and I wasn't going to say anything but I can't hold it in. But its like...why explain it to u when obviously u don't care

(Monday at 11am)
AM: helllo
Me: Hi
AM: What's goin on what u talking about
Me: It doesn't matter anymore
Me: Does it?
Me: I've started deleting you off of all the way we communicate electronically
AM: Why wouldn't it matter
AM: Ok...
AM: Are u upset that I didn't come out the other day
Me: Its part of it
Me: Its like...u have to be with ur family
Me: I understand
Me: But u've been here a week and I can't get 1hr of your time...3hrs with travel time...maybe less
Me: And so it shows me u don't care
Me: So, I've stopped caring...
AM: Can I call u later
AM: I can't do this on here
Me: Fine
Me: I don't see what's left to say
Me: But ok...
AM: Nevermind then
AM: I didn't meet u for lunch because I had zero dollars in my pocket until the day I was coming to see u. I came out here on a whim and forgot to grab cash. And I couldn't get anything sent until then. That's why I couldn't meet u for lunch
Me: U think I didn't know that? I know you're not working
Me: But its like..just SAY that
Me: There's always something w/u
AN: Yeah always something
Me: So, that's it?
AM: U tell me
AM: I'm still out here for a couple days
Me: Its up to you..if someone is a priority in your show them that they are...if not, then you move on

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Trish said...

Yeah seems like he is dragging his feet a bit. It could have been because of money like he said but then again, you go way back, he should have known he could tell you the real reason.

Young woman on a journey said...

he's not worth this time and effort. give people what they give you and keep it moving.