Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2nd Wind

*cue Musiq Soulchild "Moment in Life"*

I'm so excited!

So....there's the Full Figure Fashion Week coming to NYC next month. Although it is too late for me to enter into the cover model contest, I am trying to hustle to get it together to make some connections. Make-up make-up make-up!

I'm ecstatic!

Its just a lot because I need someone to print my comp cards. Comp cards are a little bigger than postcards. And it should showcase the best of your artistic work.

And its boookooo dollars. Like $75 for like 50, well depending on where you go.

What if a dream team list of very important contacts kind of floated in your hands and I could basically stalk people that would help put me on the map.

Uh yeah.

God is good.

I have so very many things I want to do. I'm overwhelmed and excited. Trying to write everything down so its in perspective but its time to go hard for myself!

Big things! Just trying not to eff it up!

Pray for me ya'll!
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