Monday, May 4, 2009

Life Truths

A positive relationship is a give and take. If you're the one always giving or always taking, you're making the relationship negative.

I learned this in church yesterday.

Maybe my problem with my friends is that I don't lean on them enough emotionally. It kind of makes sense that my blog friends empathize with me more because I tell you guys the nuances of my day.

I've had a huge 'W' on my chest my whole life, always being WonderWoman for everyone around me. Always being there. A rock. My own mother told me after I was like 9, she doesn't remember me crying more than a handful of times. She laughed because I was such an emotional child. She mused that I cried enough between the ages of 3-4 alone for the rest of my life.

BFF kind of said the same thing. In 10 years of friendship, she's never actually seen me cry.

So, yea that's something I have to work on. Not saying I'm going to turn on the waterworks but when people ask me how I am, I have to stop answering with 'fine' or 'good' if I'm not.

In lighter news, I've decided to introduce some design into my apartment. I bought some purple curtains for my living room. After I put them up, I decided I wanted sky blue ones. So typical of me...I want to have blue green and pink pillows. A couple of vases. A wall of mirrors. Simple accents that will introduce color. I want to update carpet which is the biggest thing I'm excited. Hopefully, I will be done by the end of the summer to have a small party.

I met a dude on plenty of fish and we were talking through email/aim all weekend. He's cool. He's my least until August. Its so weird me dating guys who are not at least 7-10 years older than me. I'm always like..eww, you're young. big announcement but he's nice. I told him I'm going to be celibate until marriage and his reaction was normal - shock, awe. Lol. But, he said he respects it, so we'll see.

I've named my book and finished a story which Young Woman will edit for me. Yay! 2 of 10 stories finished. I want to publish it by January. (That's the date I tell people, I really want to be done by the Fall...crazy, I know! But I'm like...let's get this show on the road!)

Afroman is visiting on the 15th. Yay! I miss him. We're going to church that weekend. He's going to see the changes to the apartment. He's been around since I was living in my mom.

My friend from college, Marsha, who was living in Australia for the past year is going to visit me Memorial Day Weekend. She kept me from beating down my racist roommate freshman year! Ooh wee...haven't seen her since then. 6 years.

I'm late for work because I sat down while getting ready and was looking in space. I have a huge run in my stocking. A big hole right on my knee. Its raining and I'm wearing boots but I almost slipped on the train. This guy was like "Safe!" I was like...thanks and laughed. He was like a pretty girl who can make fun of herself, will you marry me? Hahaha. NYC. Smh.

Ok, that's it! Lol. Sorry for the long post!
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Trish said...

Funny about the guy in the train, sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves. I think its good about you working on opening up, I have a problem with that same thing.

Young woman on a journey said...

sounds like you have a lot of fun stuff coming up. that should take your mind off of the not so fun things! can't wait for the book to come out. seriously!

Solomon said...

So you've been busy writing the books, you said you a have completed 2 of 10 books? That's a lot of writing, 10 books seems like a big goal.