Sunday, May 31, 2009

Its Official

I'm a make-up artist.

My first photo shoot went really well!

I got there at 9:45 for 10am call.
The client is so sweet! She needs pictures for her lingerie/swim wear line.

2 things:
Whenever you have heavy lighting, you need heavy dramatic make-up. I thought that's what it was but they were using natural light. It was noooot good.

Quick fix but the stylist was being EH about it.

Lesson learned.

Secondly....I realized I have A LOT to learn.

I had to revise the look like 3 times. I hate being wrong. I hate not being perfect.

All in all, when she handed me the money, I was happy. Like, I would've done it for free. That's the moment I knew I've found my passion.
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