Thursday, May 28, 2009

I need an Assistant!

I have to:
Find models for my comp cards/portfolio
Take appropriate pictures for my comp cards/portfolio
Edit them
Find a decent printer
Pay for them to be printed
Distribute them
Sign up for model mayhem - (ANOTHER) social networking site
Research other sites that will help me network
Sign up
Research events I should attend: (trade shows, fashion shows)
Research/Enter in cover model contests
Get my name out there
Take over the world!!!

Oh yea and I'm poor so these things need to be for NO money!

Please and thank you! :)

Oh yea and work 2 jobs, maintain 2 successful blogs, stay away from caffeine, and I don't have a laptop or internet access at home :(, go to church, look cute, have a social life, and find love....

I'm exhausted already!
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