Monday, May 25, 2009


So, I had a choice. Stay or go. My head was spinning and I really couldn't make up my mind.
Then he said his family would be coming in an hour, so I decided to stay with him until they came.

We took pictures of each other of the scenery. I beat him up with kung-fu and we just chilled. We didn't talk about anything deep.

I refreshed my purple lip gloss. He remarked that he hates kissing girls with lip gloss on. I said that it wasn't an option anymore. I laughed. He looked away. I laughed more. Mainly out of nervousness. He looked back at me and I pecked him smack on the lips.

He mock-yelled...YUCK! It feels like thin syrup. I laughed.

You know you want it...I said.

Yes I do but not with that stuff on your lips.

I applied more and then kissed him again rubbing it all over his lips.

He yelled again and I laughed hysterically.

I knew you were going to do that, he said.

Yeah but you let me.

I did.

And in that moment, I stopped laughing. I didn't feel anything when I kissed him.

You're in the friend zone, I told him.
I know.
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