Saturday, May 16, 2009


Last night, I dreamt I was a single mother. My daughter was gorgeous! She was my complexion, had my eye shape, fuller lips, and a head full of wild hair. She was sooooo precious. I held and rocked her as she went to sleep as I had a party in my house. My house looked a lot like my apartment but the rooms were in a different order. She couldn't sleep so I held her on my hip in her striped pajamas and mingled at the party.

I woke up with something I never really had before - a yearning. One thing that was missing was her father. If that is a sign, then I'll keep my happy tail in check.

Ever want something its not possible to have?
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Trish said...

I've wanted to have a child for years but I want it under the right circumstances.

Young woman on a journey said...

ditto to Trish.