Monday, May 4, 2009

The Art of Letting Go

Tomorrow, I will relinquish my position on my organization's board.

I really need to rid myself of the constant e-mails and stresses.

I'm tired. If this continues, I will begin to resent it.

Still, I'm holding on.

Letting go is hard for women. My mother still holds on to the fact my father kept the things he gave my biological mother and fought her tooth and nail on parting with them.

My bff still holds on to her failed marriage although her ex-husband wanted to a)have multiple wives b)hit her so hard in the arm once that it went numb c)has alienated her from everyone including herself.

Need I go on?

Being on this board does not define me. It doesn't make or break me. Yet, I'm still holding on to it.

Maybe because I'm afraid that if I no longer have it I will not have an excuse.

Let that marinate.

Now tell me what have you been holding on to?
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Young woman on a journey said...

I've held on to anger in an instance where i've gotten no closure. usually i just forgive and move on vowing not to fall victim to the same ish. but there are a couple of instances where i never have given myself the chance to forgive the other person, so while i learn not to put myself out there in the same manner, i start to judge other people's actions by that person's actions. its unhealthy. and the thing about anger is that its only affecting you, not the person you are angry at. so i'm working on it...

Trish said...

I've held on to a broken heart and distrust. These are both things that I want to get over because I want to be able to love again.