Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Live Your Life

I kinda glossed over about this on my other blog but didn't get into details because I kept hearing bits and pieces.

On Saturday night, an associate of mine. I say associate because we were apart of the same organization in the ball scene. I had like 2 conversations with him so its not really a friendship.

So, anyway, he was at a friend's house where he was taking X with a dude he had beef with a few years ago. It was this dude's first time on the drug. My associate...when he gets on it, he starts talking too much and a bit violent. Small issues become huge ones and so he brought up the old argument. The dude started feeling paranoid and shot my associate in the chest twice. He left like nothing happened. My associate died in the ambulance. They say because he was on the drug, it made his heart race and the blood pump faster and he bled really quickly. The police found his killer an hour later. He was going on with his life in a store.

Its shocking. Really.

He was 25. Its senseless. I can make judgments but it won't bring him back. I can only pray for peace for his family and the people connected to both of them.

It makes me be mindful of the things I do. People are crazy. Life is so precious and so fleeting. It can really be snuffed out in the blink of an eye.
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WiZ said...

this one is easier on the eyes. let it stay. i like it. do i get that blog list that you have ??

Young woman on a journey said...

hope you aren't feeling to bad love. this is a terrible situation. sorry to hear it.

love the new background.

Solomon said...

That is a terrible scene, sorry to hear about what happened. Things like this really do make you stop and think, (a) that life is precious and you should enjoy it as best you can, and (b) Yes, there are plenty of peoplr out there that are crazy as hell. I've known a few in my day too.