Tuesday, May 19, 2009


I still haven't recapped my weekend so let me make it brief.

1. I got a tattoo and

2. I walked 8 miles in the AIDS walk.

Both were satisfying and painful.

The walk more painful than the tatt.

I'm stressed right now. Twin let me borrow $100 2 weeks ago. I gave it back on Friday. On Saturday, he asked me for another $50 and although I didn't have it at all, I gave it to him because he said he would give it back by today the latest. I told him I would need it by tomorrow morning because I have to renew my Metrocard and ummm, eat tomorrow. I get paid Thursday morning so I'm fine but tomorrow is going to be tough.

I RARELY owe people $$ and when I do, it is repaid to the minute I say it will be. I don't play and I expect people not to play with me. The funny thing is Twin makes more $$ than me by far and I dontknow where it goes but the last 6 months have been crazy. Every 2 weeks like clockwork...I get a text..."Can you do me a favor?" and I do it...and its always convenient for him. But, I can't. Today, he hasn't had the courtesy of returning a phone call or a text and now I'm worried about how I'm getting to work...about how I'm going to eat.

But, Jesus will make a way.

I just hate this feeling.

I'm looking into certificate programs for accounting which is one of the industries hiring now. So, with YW's suggestion, I'm looking into financial aid...and I just get stressed and overwhelmed. $30,000 for an ONLINE course! Really?? *sigh*

I told myself I will go to London in late October/early November. Its something I feel will be life-changing as I've wanted to go my entire life..lol...I'm just looking at myself right this second knowing that its not enough and I want to cry. It will be ok but...goooosh!

Life seems so difficult right this moment.

This too shall pass but I just had to vent...

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Young woman on a journey said...

hot tat. what does it say?

you are right, God makes a way. don't worry, people who make more money are often the ones asking. perhaps its about responsible spending or something. if you don't have much, you can't spend much.

EDE said...

Also, since this person appears to have left you hanging without your cash, when they finally pay you back do not lend them anymore money. I have a best friend who has owed me $35 for the past 2 1/2 years. She's always about to pay me back. A few weeks ago she had the nerve to asked me if she could borrow some money. I told her it has been 2 1/2 years and you still haven't repaid me the $35 I loaned you. NO, you can't borrow any money from me. Would you believe she had the nerve to say "well, if I pay you back the $35 now, will you loan me some money?" What the @#$%^!!!!! I said good-bye and hung up the phone. She hasn't mentioned it to me again.