Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I've heard all these crazy stories about women in their 30s who have basically said to themselves that there was no one good out there and that they should just settle for whatever loser they found.

I equate that to sitting in a dying hole and waiting for the inevitable. (Kind of like Madagascar 2- funny not so morbid)

Sometimes, I have to remind myself I'm 23. Sometimes, I lie and say I'm 22 just to remember to keep it light. And while I don't understand why these women would live with men who don't provide, don't bring anything to the table, don't meet them half-way, don't do anything but breathe, eat, and poop...I do kind of understand.

As quiet as its kept, GG had me questioning my belief in abstinence til marriage.


I know.

He talked a good game, man...what can I say!

As quiet as this is also kept, I'm freaking LONELY.


I don't even want to scroll back to January and even reread the last encounter out of fear it would induce hunger pangs deep within me. Not just for the peen. But for human contact.

A neck kiss...someone sucking on my breasts...hands exploring my body...tongue on the clit...the sweat sticking both of our bodies together like magnets ...all of it..I miss it!

And so, when someone comes along and he sounds good, smells good, looks good,...I'm gonna have BIG

But...I have standards. I've been through TOO much not to....

With these women, maybe they've been worn down to the point it doesn't matter. I don't know...I just hope I don't ever find out.
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Me Being Me said...

I found myself settling for men that I knew were unsuitable, losers, a**holes you name it. Then I realized that I was devaluing myself and I stopped seeing everyone that wasn't good for me. I know that I will be blessed with the man that GOD has planned for me. I just need to be patient. It does get hard when you miss the companionship of another person, so I feel your pain.

**Star said...


Do I feel your pain...
this abstinence thing is no joke....