Monday, April 20, 2009

Random Things Going On + Single Black Female in the City

I've kinda falling off. Note: not fallen.

I didn't go to church yesterday and I haven't read my Bible since Thursday.


I doubt I will go to church this week...unless I take off work.

So...I'm thinking of changing my style a lot this summer.

I was talking to Twin about it. I mapped it out.

My hair is gonna be a swoop with a mohawk in the back.

My make-up look is gonna be bronzed with metallic eyes. Think of the contrast: the silver eyes and the bronzed skin.

He was like...what about the clothes? Lol. I was like uhhhh....


So, as I'm writing this...this dude gets on the train. Clearly drunk. I'm listening to my iPod. So, he walks up on me...starts leaning in really close and all I can smell is the liquor on his breath. I almost gagged. He starts saying stuff. Half of it, I couldn't hear and the other half was indecipherable. I'm like leave me alone...the wrong thing and then I move seats.

He starts yelling to the top of his lungs..."You're fat! You're ugly! I probably have more money than you. Your fat ass...your busted weave...I have a job! I got more money than you!"Other not so nice things and I just turn up my ipod...I was prepared to knock fire out of him with the wood part of umbrella...if he came at me.

I was shaking like...if this mofo wouldve hit one would do anything to stop it.

This city is bananas!

*So, I get off and its raining soooo hard. My mom calls me like..I wish I could pick you up. No worries, I say, I'll hail a cab. She calls me 5 minutes in a cab? Yes. Stay on the phone with me...mind you...the ride is 5 minutes. Umm..I'm fine. On the other line. Ok. Call me as soon as you get home. If she ONLY knew...smh
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