Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Dog With A Bone

Marshall text me Wednesday night at 11pm saying that he was in my neighborhood and wanted to come over.

I declined saying it was too late.

He then said he wanted to spend the night because he lives about an hour or so away and didn't feel like taking the trek home.

I told him no.

He then said he would be a gentleman and we'd talk for an hour and then he'd go to sleep.

I said that I knew nothing would happen but the answer was no.

At 12, he says he's passing right by my house if I'd reconsidered.

I said no.

At 1am, he text me saying he'd been standing outside his cousin's house for 20 mins, he fell asleep on him and asked if he could come over.

I didn't respond.

Dude was trying HARD.
Last week, I text him out of the blue saying I wanted to start over and be friends. I felt we got off on the wrong foot. He agreed. We were texting casually during the week. Saturday night, as I was leaving the club, he text me. He works 12am-8am and was on his lunch break at 3:30am. I called him. He told me his last relationship was 4yrs ago. I was like...Damn, I thought I was bad. Mine was a year and some change. He asked me if that was the last time I had sex. I told him yea. Then, I told him about London and he was like "Why do you want to live in another country. That means you have to learn a whole new set of rules..." *blank stare* I tried to play it off by saying as a black man he could live anywhere bc women everywhere love black men. I asked him if he'd ever dated a white girl. He said a white woman. Then, he went into this whole story about she sucked every part of his body...toes, kneecaps...everywhere. I was disgusted and told him I had to go.
He was basically placed on my "whatever" list. I liked him for years and years only to find he's so immature.

We could be talking about stamp-collecting and he'd make it sexual. He doesn't know that the more you talk about sex, the less likely I am to have sex with you. Its so sad because seriously...I would probably have had sex with him MONTHS ago had know...shown interest in me as a person, besides the physical. Dudes talk themselves out of sex so easily! Smh

But, honestly....I didn't let him sleep on my couch because I don't want him in my house. My house is so personal to me. My space is hella private. Because he's so sexually charged, who is to say I could sleep soundly with him in the next room? If an assault happened, I'd feel like an idiot because I allowed him in my home. We're at Level 0 in friendship. That does not include slumber parties. The rate he's going, we're never going past this point.
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★Starrla Monae☆ said...

GREAT job for standing your ground! You're right about guys doing the most when it isn't needed.

Trish said...

I'm so glad you saw right through him. The worse part of dating was finding out a guy I was into was really a creep because all he could mention was sex. He surely doesn't deserve to be the guy to break your celibacy stance.