Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Whoops + Promises to God

Well, Punjabi doesn't have genital herpes and apparently, neither does BFF. He got his blood work back from the doctor and the sores on his peter are probably a bacterial infection of some sort.

The doctor's don't know what it is. He's been tested for everything, HIV, Chlamydia, Syphillis, etc and its not that either. So, their best guess is bacterial infection. After all, he isn't circumcised.

This comes after the worst week of BFF's life...a week of accusations, sleepless nights, worry and her heart breaking.

After he told her he was negative, he acted as if everything were normal. BFF is furious. She doesn't understand how he could accuse her of cheating, shut her out of his life so drastically. She told me she made a promise to God that if it weren't herpes, she would leave him. Time for her to make good.

I told her that I just think it's messed up that he can tell her he loves her, profess that she's the one and not even give her the benefit of the doubt about simplex turning to complex, not consult a doctor for more info or even to confirm her story and at the sight of trouble, be out without a second thought.

She agreed. She still loves him. *le sigh*

She said, "Well, I have that promise to God to make good on and if I renege, I'll only incur the wrath of God on my posterity."

When you put it like that....
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jaded said...

GAH! This thing ate my comment. Back to the drawing board.
What was I saying?

Man, did your BFF luck out. She basically got a "get out a jail free" card. And in return all she has to do is make better decisions.

This weekend (Easter Sunday) this kid (18) got shot in the head and died. Apparently he had been shot last year in the leg (at 17) and survived.

After I read about it, I couldn't help but wonder if he had turned his life around and this was merely a senseless accident, or if he thought he carried on living his life the way he had been living it, believing he was made of teflon.

For some reason, your BFF's issue reminded me of that story.

jaded said...

I know this is a dumb question but is SHE sure she doesn't have herpes? I mean she's not just taking his word for it right?

Jaded said...

What the heck is going on with the comments?


I was wondering if she was sure that she actually doesn't have herpes...Did her test come back at the same time his did validating that it was something else...or is she just going off of his diagnosis?