Saturday, April 24, 2010


A mua friend of mine called me out of the blue the other day to offer me a photo shoot she couldn't do makeup for. We started talking...her fiance lives in Queens and she's trying to move out here while everyone who knows me knows I've always dreamed of living in London for an extended amount of time. Well, she offered for us to swap. I'll live in her flat in North London (Tottenham) and she'll live in my apartment.

I just need $4,000 to pay her rent, food, transportation and to live comfortably.

From London, I want to take a plane/train to Paris, Spain and where ever else is cheap to go.

I don't have a plan for what I'll be DOING as far as work is concerned but I'm excited!

I'm in hustle mode right now. I need to get some dollars flowing in...LONDON!! *Squeeeee*

P.S. If anyone wants to put 5 on it, email K, thanks! ;)
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Jaded said...

I'd love to live in London; not forever...maybe 6 months to a year? It's like a secret dream of mine that will never happen unless I get a job that needs me to travel there often.(just being realistic lol)

Good for you!

Your friend sound like this girl whose makeup blog I read...Vex in the city. I'm not sure where her BF lives but I know it's NY.

ps. I'm on blogger too much.