Sunday, April 25, 2010

What About Your Friends?!

Friday night, I went to my usual spot but Editor decided to come with me because she felt the need to network and such.

So, before I go on...I have this uncanny ability to be on time all the time. It takes me effort to be late. All of my friends on the other hand are ALWAYS late. It irks me to no end!

Editor was an hour late and then she strolls to meet me like she's walking in the sunshine.

We get to the event and she refuses to dance. Like 5 different dudes came up to her. One of them sat with her for like 30 dancing. The DJ was on point too. I was so annoyed.
Its like being excited about life and your friend is depressed. You try and rub off your exuberance on them but you can't.


What's worse...she didn't network! She just sat down all night.

I was kind of excited to go to the big girl club last night. I've never been and I wanted to see what it as going to be like. I've also been feeling quite serious lately and so I wanted to add some whimsy to the night.

I made the mistake of telling Editor my outfit beforehand...cheetah leggings, pink pumps, black and white tank, bow headband. She picks me up (late, of course) and she's wearing a bow headband, cheetah shirt and black leggings.

Color me pissed off.

Whooooo does that?

She joked about how we look so cute matching like that. Its really not the first time she's done that. She's gone searching for accessories I have, makeup I wear, etc.

I shrugged it off. I don't think she's trying to be like me. I think she admires what I do and wants to bottle it up for herself but.....I really wanted to punch her in the face. I un-Christian of me. (*thinks of Peter cutting off ears in the New Testament*)

The big girl club was A LOT. I don't think I have the energy to go through it all. I will say...

1. I got a couple numbers, gave a couple numbers
2. I will NOT rely on a man for everything. I can't give someone that power over me. (Some things, yes...all Only G-O-D)
3. Big girls need good bras
4. Now that I've seen a lot more of Editor's personality, can I handle it? I'm thinking no to friendship and yes to strictly business.
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Trish said...

I think that after high school, you are too old to match outfits with friends. I would have been pissed if I were you.

I have quite a few buddies who go out just to sit there but I've come to just accept it. I'm glad you got out and had fun. Editor should definitely stay a business associate.

Jaded said...

This is how I feel about my friend GP. I've never experienced someone who liked my style so much that I've felt the need to speak in terms of generalities.

At first, I thought it was cool, but it drives me nuts! And then I start to feel all guilty; like I'm being a brat.

I like GP, and I want to be her friend, but we're def gonne keep it at level 4. lol

As for dancing. I NEVER dance with guys at the club. EVER. It makes me uncomfortable. lol. But I'll two step just fine by myself :-)

Young woman on a journey said...

um...editor is special. i don't know what to say about all this. you sure she doesn't have a crush on you?

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

My gears would have been grinding at that matchy matchy deal. Women need to have their own sense of style to themselves for crying out loud!