Friday, April 2, 2010

Not So Good News

So, I guess I should blog, right?

Sorry for the absence.

Well, a lot has been going on right now. BFF has genital herpes.

*slaps head*

She said that she and Punjabi pretty much don't wait until she's properly self-lubricated and they don't use protection, so they end up cutting themselves. His cut turned into a sore. He went to the doctor. The sore multiplied into 3 sores.

Nasty stuff.

He's accusing her of cheating on him. She's devastated.

She has herpes simplex 1 aka cold sores/fever blisters that she's had her entire life on her lips. She said that she's careful not to masturbate or kiss him or touch him when she has an outbreak so that she doesn't give him genital herpes. Somehow it happened. She went to the doctor to do a blood test. She has no symptoms.
The doctor told her that if she has simplex most patients naturally get complex (genital herpes). He doesn't believe her. She's like..I'm never going to have sex again.

All I can offer her is prayer and trips to the gym. I have no idea what to say.


As for me, I've been in a fog. Not sure which way is right, left, up or down. I'm working through it. God is good.

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jaded said...

First, I did not know that Simplex could essentially morph into Complex. I really thought that they were two different strains of the same virus. I am shocked. Learn something new everyday.

Second, if you want to make her feel a little bit better, tell her she is in good company. And honestly, she really shouldn't be having sex because...well...she isn't very responsible.

Isn't punjai the same guy who had the gf? Am I mixing this up?

What else?

Sometimes not knowing up from down, and left from right is a sign we just need to take a moment to ourselves.

God really is good!

Trish said...

Damn, I feel bad for BFF. Just be the rock she needs like you normally do. Hoping she will leave that sorry loser alone for good!

Now on to you, you were on me about posting, then you disappear! What's up with that?!