Monday, April 12, 2010

Eye of the Tiger

Last night, I dreamt I was in this suburban neighborhood that was shaped in a circle and I was in charge of this pet tiger. I walked it and fed it. While I was walking it, it began to get hungry. I began to get scared because I knew I didn't have anything to feed it. I tried to get help but it felt like I wasn't trying hard enough. I knew I couldn't outrun the tiger. I felt the tiger's teeth on my neck and I knew what was coming. The tiger ate me.

Of course I looked up what tigers mean in dreams. Tigers symbolize great power and beauty. Coming out of a situation with a vengeance. Career change and power over one's enemies. So what I gathered from that is that I'm in control over the changes in my career and I have the power. Once I become afraid of that power, the thing I control will consume me. Interesting.

(See post below. I have some other parts to add and I will)
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Kofi Conde said...

I love this...and can relate so much right now *sighs*

Young woman on a journey said...

um...the tiger ate you huh? i never die in my dreams...i like it that way.