Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I'm Not Saying I'm A Gold Digger...

Last night I had a pretty decent conversation with that guy I met 3 weeks ago (the one whom I called his cell phone and it showed my first and last name *shudders*)

No one thinks that's creepy but me.


He said he'd like to see me again. I suggested we go to a coffee shop.

He said:
Where is there a coffee shop?

I said:
Um, have you never heard of Starbucks?

He said:
Wow, "meeting at a coffee shop" sounds like something out of Friends.

*blank stare at the phone*

So, we agreed. Starbucks. Downtown. After 7. I text him today at around 5:30 after not hearing from him all day asking if we were still down.

He goes:
i want to still but im fake broke

I said:
Fake broke? Never heard that before. I mean we're only going to be at a coffee shop...but ok, maybe some other time

He said:
yea i no but its da middle of da wk n i jus spent da last dub but still wud like to c u

I didn't respond. My intern, Namesake thought that was messed up of me. I told her there was nothing more to say. If you can't meet me at a coffee shop where I'm not looking for you to drop any type of dollars on me or even have the class to ask to do it on another day or suggest a cheaper (if there such a thing) alternative...we have nothing more to discuss. I'm not volunteering to pay for a grown man nor am I offering my apartment for a first date. So, see ya! She just laughed and shook her head. (The youth! Lol)

But really....Am I wrong?
(Can someone tell me what fake broke means??)
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belle said...

very WISE decision! People tend to be on their best behavior when you first meet them. Scary to think this is his best o.0

jaded said...

wth. Seriously, I'm all for people living within their means (ie. if you don't have 3 bucks for a cup o' joe, you just don't have it...we've all been there).

But there are lots of things he could have done; he could have met you up there and then said, he didn't want any coffee, but just wanted to chat.

He could have done like you said (suggested some place cheaper...somewhere like the bookstore to browse and chat...that's pretty free).

He could have asked for a rain check prior to 5:30.

The list goes on and on; the fact that he didn't is just odd.

And I'm kinda of against telling folks your financial situation (whether you're ballin or broke) on first introductions. It's a bit of a turn off to me.

As for being fake broke...maybe he meant "flat" and just doesn't realize it?

Emanuel said...

I agree with the comment above, totally.

Stay in the zone. You are right where you're suppose to be and don't doubt it no matter what your intern says.

Broke is broke. He was actually waiting for you to offer him money for transportation, coffee, and whatever else.

I work around a few young, college grad, black women who are so ignorant when it comes to men.

I hear them on the phone offering to pay for guys to meet them for drinks, etc. Why? If he can't afford to pay for transportation to meet you at a venue of HIS choice, why meet with him? Why continue to conversate? You start off paying for stuff and you will always pay for the majority of the expenses that are incurred in a relationship.

Stay grounded, you are definitely on the right course!!!