Tuesday, March 2, 2010

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Why have I been talking to people about married men...as in, leaving them alone?

I told J tonight, "People say you can't choose who you love. Well, that's bull because you can choose who you invest time into and with whom you spend your time. Stop with these emotional attachments with people who can't reciprocate!"

He's talking to a man that's married to a woman (!) who lives in Texas.

*le sigh*

Yesterday, my pastor was saying if you don't know what you want in a man/woman stop looking. He said a lot of things that convicted me. (Whoa. Deja vu. Did I write this already?)

We're told as women if we make lists of things we want in a man, if it's too long then we're picky. Eff it. I'll be picky with the man I'm spending my life with and not so picky on my effing nail color.

So, I'm working on my list.

Here's what I have so far:

1. Hard-working
I've worked since I was 14. This is the longest time I've been without a "job" but this is the hardest I've worked. Go figure.

2. Creative
You can sing, draw, paint, sculpt, make awesome popsicle houses. SOMETHING!

3. Chivalrous
Please walk on the outside of the curb. Please open that door. Please pretend to not check out my boobs in church. Thanks.

4. Funny
Not like Dave Chappelle. When he says "Hello" I'm hyperventilating but a healthy sense of humor.

5. Respect
a. My Opinion
I may think that the houses in NYC should be painted in bright pastels like the houses in Bermuda. It could sound dumb to you. Disagree without demeaning me.
b. My Voice
Let me speak. When I do speak, it is usually something of value. Sometimes, I may need to ramble on. Effing listen to me! It is free.
c. My Body
Yes, it may be a lil lumpy than the average girl. Respect it because it is strong. Also, if you abuse it, I'll kill you (no, really though...)
d. My Friends and Family
They are an extension of me.
e. My Privacy
If I ask you not to read my blog but a week later, you ask me who is Carter. I'm cutting you.
f. My Conglomerate
I don't have a "hustle", a "little business" or "a hobby." I pour my soul into what I do.

6. Smart with a lil Nerd in there
Worldly and had a broad spectrum of knowledge but not pretentious.

7. Slightly Alpha Male
I like to feel protected and handled at some point. Show me you got it.
8. Style
You don't have to be GQ buuut please know that your back pockets shouldn't touch the back of your knees (sagging pants) and the bright skinny jeans should be on my butt. I want a dude I can take from the club to the museum to a black tie affair.

9. Can Communicate/Emotionally Available
If I hear ONE MORE STORY about someone who is an ex-something...oh em gee. Be over it. Be healed. Be ready to move on. Also, it's a chick move to be hurt by something I did/said and not tell me and do something to get me back. An immature chick, I mean.

10. Godly
Christian. Following Christ so I can follow you.

What's on your list?
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Young woman on a journey said...

i typed out a long response and decided i'll just do a similar post.

but i really feel you on number 10. it was never that important for me cause i respect all faiths. but in the end, i want to share my life with someone i can share my religious fervor.