Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On to the Next

I'm kinda glad things happened the way they did with Carter in all honesty. I mean, a woman should have some hefty standards...no?

One of them should be..."No multi-tasking while have sext"

Today, I spoke to the dude I saw from FB...on the phone. It was so weird. First, he tells me he's going to call. He doesn't. Then, he tells me he thought I was going to call. Then he tells me he did call and some guy picked up the phone (a lie and a test I think) then he calls me. He tried to sell me some dream of spending $1000 for him to film me doing makeup or a commercial or something and having him edit it or whatever as a marketing ploy. Then when I decline, he asks me if I'm dating anyone. I told him no but then quickly got off the phone. It was all so weird. He said he feels like he scared me off and I'm not going to call again. I said I just have to go...

It didn't sit well with me. Like...he kept saying I'm pretty which is nice, I guess. But that doesn't get you that far with me. I don't like when people try and flatter you to get you to do stuff. That's not how I operate.

After we got off the phone he texts me saying:

Nice talking to you pretty

I text him saying:
It was nice talking to you too. I must say the way I operate its either business or pleasure. I don't date people I do biz with. The choice is yours

He said:
Help me choose.

I didn't say anything. He text me back...Maybe we'll just keep talking.

Eh. I'm over it already!!

I went to church today to discuss how to fight fairly...not drawing blood in arguments. I talked about the situation with BFF. Mostly everyone said what some of you said that possibly its time to end the friendship. I don't know if I agree. I'm not chasing anyone. I'm tired. I hate to end friendships because my friends are my family. But, we'll see.

We were supposed to meet up on Sunday but I was literally in church all day. I called her by accident while I was in church. I text her telling her such.

She texts me back on Monday saying...she had debilitating gas and didn't move all Sunday evening. She's studying for a big test on Thursday so her evenings are tied up until then. Weekends work fo her.

At this point, I'm just like:

*blank stare*

At church tonight, I was letting out my frustration at the whole thing like...

Whatever. People find time to do whatever they want. I'm so over it.
While I was at church, O'Neil said he wanted to see me. He would need to wait til after his son is asleep so that he can have someone watch him. He said he wanted to come by my house to kiss on my cheeks. He says I have the best cheeks he's ever seen...they're all soft and smooth and chunky.

As badly as I wanted to give in. I want a little cuddle time. I declined. I'm not inviting anyone over to my house at least for the first 3 months of any relationship. Once you have house-dates, you never go anywhere but stay in the house which leads to TROUBLE.

I offered to meet him at Starbucks downtown Brooklyn. I could be there at 9:15. When he told me he wouldn't be able to leave his house until after 10pm, I suggested we meet some other day.

Am I being too old-fashioned or is that too late to be seeing someone to give them a kiss on the cheek? Men are like vampires. Once you invite them in, they feel free to do whatever they want.

After church, I walked to Checkers and speed-walked back. The Checkers is in a not so good neighborhood but I was craving fries. This dude was walking his dog and said something like..."Damn, I could definitely rock with you."

I stopped and exchanged numbers. They call him T-Rex (no really, no moniker) because he's a boxer. I always say.."No, what's your real name.." They tell me. Lol. I don't play. He's sexy. He said he had like 12 wins, 2 knock-outs...blah blah blah. I was looking at his arms. I was distracted.

The bus came and I pulled out my fully loaded fries (bacon cheddar ranch) and I couldn't eat more than a few bites. It was too much. I guess this gym thing is changing me.

More to tell! (I know...all this in one day) but my phone is dying and I have to get up early for ze gym. Night guys. Sorry this was so long!
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