Tuesday, March 23, 2010

On to the Next: Addendum

(Read the post below first)

The moral of the story is:

Why should I go out of my way anymore for dudes? Men are everywhere. Why was I fighting so hard for Carter or Afroman? Why? Why were my standards so low? Not so say that if anyone does something I don't like, I bail right away but I'm not taking any shit from people, man. I'm not falling for game. I'm using my brain now. I'm not afraid to take my time and think about my next step. Thinking is sexy. Being me is sexy. Some dude laughed because I said I like going to museums. Fuck you. Museums are sexy.

Get with it or get rolled over. Even if nobody hollers at me in the street ever again. There will be another man eventually who will like me. If I don't put out and he walks away. Ok. That's fine. Fuck desperation or pandering for people to accept/like you. Let it happen. Walk with your head high. Smile a lil bit. Walk with purpose. Take pride in your appearance. There's always another man around the corner. Everyone can kiss your ass. You're flyy.
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Mia said...

Amen!! & co-sign!

Emanuel said...

You've got it!!!!! You've got it!!!!! I'm so happy you finally got it with conviction!!!! My blog daughter has grown up and now knows who she is and her full potential!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am. I've really been praying for you and one of my prayers have been answered!!! Thank you Jesus. Now, I'm ready to read when the others are answered. Cause I know they will be. You are da' bomb Ms. Nina!!! And don't you ever forget it!!!!