Thursday, March 4, 2010

Heart Burn

I left my house in a rush. It felt as though there were invisible forces keeping me in the clutches of my bed.

I walked into the restaurant for lunch, hoping to get some food to quiet my hunger headache and there he was - Blair. He was talking to two men about police brutality from what I could muster from the short of what I heard. I was on the phone with Editor.

He looked me in the face and stared for a moment not speaking. I waved. He nodded. For that instant, I was proud of myself because I felt nothing. The familiar stab in my heart was gone. The longing and yearning for him had disappeared.

I thanked God. Who wants to wish for something that will never happen?

I did, however, order buffet items instead of ordering something they would make fresh. Being that close to him was awkward.

As I left the restaurant, I ran into a party promoter I met on FB. I'd never seen him in person and it makes sense that I would run into him with no makeup on, sweatshirt, leggings and my beat up Keds. He was shorter than I'd imagined. We're practically the same height (I'm 5ft). We chatted for a moment. He recognized me as well.

As we parted ways, he turned and said in his thick African accent, "I must say, you are a very pretty woman."

I was like, "Wow. Thanks." Still thinking I looked a hot mess.

Later in the evening, I got an FB message from him asking for my number. I obliged. He's not my type physically but why not? I'm sure he will show me some things!
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