Monday, March 1, 2010

Gregarious Jones

I'm coming home from a long convo with Twin where I told him I was so depressed last week but didn't feel comfortable talking to anyone about it because I didn't feel like anyone could help me.

He said he felt like something was wrong but he didn't think it was that. He said I go through my super-focused periods where all I do is work and he thought that's what it was.

I told him I was upset that I didn't feel like I could talk to BFF. He just shook his head.

He said he felt like our friendship was in danger if he wasn't more ambitious because he said he knows how I am and how I surround myself with like-minded people and people with no long-term goals frustrate me.

We talked about dudes and he said that he never remembers any of my boyfriends past Afroman because I cut all of them off quickly without forming real attachments with them.

He was like, "One day, you're like...Oh I like so and so. He's so cute and funny. The next day, you're like..oh I dumped him because he didn't have a 5-year plan and I need someone going somewhere and they'll never be heard of again."

I laughed so hard! I love hearing my close friends' opinions of me!

He said, "Oh Nina, you're so young and beautiful. You're not having as much fun as you should be..."

I said, "Fun as in sex? Why is everyone anti-celibacy?"

He said, "I'm not anti-celibacy, I'm just..."

I said, "Pro-sex?"

We laughed.

He said he felt as though people who are celibate are depriving themselves from life's pleasures and you shouldn't do that but we agreed that men can detach emotion from sex while most women can't.

We talked for 2 hours! It was great. I wasn't even thinking about my ridiculous "Things to Do List."

Life stood still for those few hours and we were just good friends catching up.

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jaded said...

I completely disagree with the celibacy=depriving yourself. In the same way I disagee with drinking and recreational drug use is a fun way to live out your 20s.


Sure you don't want to completely cut men out of your life but I think it's dangerous to equate certain outside stimulus to "fun", just for the sake of having fun.

I think I must be anti-sex lol.