Monday, April 11, 2011

Bad Night

I dreamt that a friend I really like was really a psychotic killer intent on coming in my house and murdering me for sport. He was a master at the blitz attack and was sure to take me off guard. He taunted me by sending me text messages about how close he was coming and pictures of things like my house, my window, my living room furniture. The police wouldn't come and so, I decided to wait for him with a cup full of bleach and my back against the wall. If he attacked, he'd have to do it from in front or below and I'd ready with that bleach for his face.

I also put a knife in every room of the house hidden amongst magazines, pillows, anything inconspicuous.

That actually sounds like a good idea.
I woke up panicky.

Before my heart rate could get back to normal, I heard a mouse squeaking. That sound makes me itch and the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I grabbed Rocky who must've been having an interesting dream of his own. He was growling and barking softly as he lay asleep on the floor next to me.

He woke up startled as we walked toward the dining room. A tiny mouse was stuck on a glue trap I'd set out. Half his body was on the trap while the other half was trying to run away.

I sat Rocky down. "Get it." He looked around confused.

"Rocky! Mouse! Get!" He yawned and lay down by my feet.

The mouse and the trap were running under my living room closet door.

I got a broom and some courage out of nowhere, pushed back the door and - nothing, the mouse disappeared.
Great! :/

I tried to go back to sleep.

The half dream I had was of The Nigerian. He found me at a party. As soon as I saw his face, I woke up.

It is 4:45am.
How am I supposed to get back to sleep?!

Funny thing...
1. Rocky is never in my dreams.
2. I kind of chuckled - psycopath killer, mice, TN - get it?
3. Wtf? My house is clean. There's no food out. Not even dog food at night anymore. My kitchen is spotless. There's nothing for a mouse to eat. Why are they still in my apartment?
4. No seriously...I want to get back to sleep.
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Trish said...

So the mouse was a dream? I thought that was real, lol! I have dreams that someone is after me too, so much so that I have a butcher knife by my bed. I hate nightmares!! I hope you got back to sleep soon after.

★Starrla Monae☆ said...

Rocky just appears to be sooo damn adorable! LOL. I hate rodents too and I'd probably shot them all if I had a gun.