Thursday, April 7, 2011


I've dated 3 older men so far. Dame (43 to my 22), being the first, was so sensual and in tune with my body and way out of tune with his heart made the experience very warm and fulfilling. Yet, confusing when he cried after a night of really good *ahem* begging me not to break his heart while simultaneously calling me a whore.

Leroy (44 to my 22) was all wrong, corny, disgusting. He ate with spittle at the corners of his mouth. He had no game and repeatedly told me that in spite of his age, he was still very sexual. Ick! On our 2nd date, he bought me 2 leatherbound journals because he knew I was a writer and purposefully made us walk the long way to dinner holding hands, calling me his prize. I am NO ONE'S trophy. It sounds sweet but it was weird. And AND he talked couples outings and classes...on the 2nd date!! On second thought, dude was going to spring for couples flying lessons and italian lessons...maybe I could've stuck

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Number 1 Sleazeball was TD (42 to my 23) who lured me out for drinks with the notion that he and his network and his position at a very well-known black business magazine would help little ole me. He proceeded to then get sloshed on scotch, talk all about his boring ass job and then try and entice me to go home with him to New Jersey. No siree bob! He then asked me what's my favorite flower (orchids or purple roses - I don't care that they symbolize death) and never sent said flowers.


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And so, when this older gentleman approached...I had to think really gingerly about whether or not I would go down that road again. Hell! My dad was 19 years older than my mom and they were happy. I took his call and listened to him ramble on about his job, his intentions, his spirituality and how he's not playing games. I have a tendency to let people talk and talk and talk. You learn so much! He repeated the phrases "I'm looking for my wife," "friends before lovers," and "I'm not playing games" so many times, it felt like his mantra.

After our brief conversation, he asked me to send him pictures of myself. He sent me 7 of him. So much vanity and he was NOT fly like that. I was running around with a group of gay high schoolers to a play and thus, didn't have the time to his chagrin.

He text(ed) me requesting pics again and a date tonight walking the Brooklyn Promenade at around 10/10:30.

Umm...negative on the Promenade. Its dark and secluded and he could kill me and throw my body in the bushes.

Actually, negative on him. He was extremely aggressive and He flat-out asked me if I know how to "treat a man." I wanted to say yes, you take care of men like gremlins - don't feed them after midnight.

Bottom line, I think you just KNOW things like...attraction, kismet and frankly, I just wasn't into him.

"So, how about that walk?" he asked me again.

"I don't think that's a good idea. Honestly, I'm not attracted to you. I'm sorry," I replied.

"God bless..."

I breathed a sigh of relief. He took that well. I've learned the hard way (*ahem* The Nigerian) to listen to my instincts. I do not like overly aggressive alpha males...nope. Machismo - yes. Carry heavy things, kill rodents...but arrogance and desperate aggression - no! In my (brief) history with older men, they're either playing around or racing to the altar/maternity ward. I, thankfully, have the luxury of taking my time. Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

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