Thursday, April 14, 2011

Christmas in April

The thing about blogging is that it forces you to face things you do NOT want to think about.

Yesterday, I got Rocky groomed. OMG! He looks like a brand new dog. His hair made him look a lot thicker than he actually is. He is so little and skinny. Its kind of freaking me out. I also feel bad because I used to play with him all rough, throwing him around and such (not far) and now I see how small he really is...I feel bad.

I also got a new phone!! YES! I am now #TeamAndroid. I love it! Its a touch screen with a keyboard. The best of both worlds! AND...I went in thinking I was going to pay about $120, I walked out paying $74. *does running man*

The Android is so different from the Blackberry, I'm really trying to figure out how to work this little thing...I'm so not used to a touch screen. All day yesterday, I was hanging up on people, muting the calls, answering calls on call waiting accidentally without telling the other person to hold...A MESS!!

So, it was a little bit like Christmas.

But, seriously, I was so sick to DEATH of BBM. Some people are cool but others...they are really intrusive with their messages at really any time of the day and then if you don't answer right away, they get pissed, oh, I saw you read my message, why didn't you respond. It was ruining a bunch of friendships.

SO, I go down to get my cart from my mom and a photographer is setting up to take her picture. She's going to be ordained as a minister at the end of the month. The girl who is staying with her, Stef, is doing her makeup. SAY WORD?? I was upset. I'm your daughter. I'm a makeup artist, I thought she would at least ask me. Ok, whatever. Stef does makeup too. I've never seen her work but....ok.

Furthermore, she says..."Can you go spruce yourself up so we can take a picture together?"

I said, "No. I'm on my way to the grocery store."
Seriously, all I had in my fridge was leftover Chinese.

"You've been home all day and now you decide to go to the grocery store?"
Why would you assume where I've been all day?

"All you girls want to do is roam the streets."
So, going to the grocery store at 7pm is roaming the streets. Umm..okay.

As I was leaving, I heard her tell the girl..."Oh we're taking pictures together."

I am so upset because I felt like she could've told me beforehand that the guy was coming to take pictures if she wanted me in them. Who tells someone to go spruce themselves up at the last minute while the photographer is THERE. Part of me feels like if I didn't walk in, I would not have even been offered. AND..we spoke earlier in the day so its really no excuse.

And then you're going to take pictures with this stranger who is living with you for 2 months...professional pictures..really?

Oh, yea and the other day, she was like Stef is your sister. Oh you mean the girl I've known for 2 the hell she's not!


Monique said...

Congrats and welcome to #teamandriod. I converted about a month or two ago and I don't know why I didn't sooner. My phone is the ish!

Mom was tripping. You can't just drop a photo shoot on someone suddenly. LOL

★Starrla Monae☆ said... BB Traitor YOU!!! Mom kind of upset me with her holier than thou 'tude about the photoshoot. Everyone needs time to prep and that was not sufficient enough time for you. Did she expect you to wake up fabulous?! And to also slap you in the face by using someone else for make-up? This is real bad, Michael Jackson.