Thursday, April 7, 2011


I told a stranger on Twitter to "Fuck off" today.

Some dude asked me "Where's your hair?" I said, "Up your ass."

Both, without giving it a second thought.

If I had given it a 2nd thought, I'd probably have smiled sweetly, rolled my eyes and let it glide ever so gently down my back. feel more porcupine than duck. I've been nursing a recurring headache all week. I've been catching myself grinding my teeth.

If you reached out to me today, chances are...I didn't reach back. I'm worse than angry, I'm cantankerous. At least anger is focused at someone. Petulance spirals and lashes out at anyone it can.

Yet, I can not help myself. I'm hoping it will pass. Not very God-like and pious after all, eh?
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