Sunday, April 10, 2011


At the planning meeting for BFF's baby shower, I dropped my phone. The screen went black and now I'm using the first Blackberry curve, complete with myspace and Courier New font.


I'm not that upset really. I was on my way to #TeamAndroid this Wednesday but things numbers, Twitter and an actual working web browser are really useful.

I'm trying to lead a less anxiety-filled life. Face it; I have enough to worry about.

Like this morning, when the 10:21, 10:31 and 10:41 buses didn't show and I just *knew* I'd be late for church. I shook my fist (literally) and took a deep breath. Lateness is one of the few things I really get anxious about.

Giving myself cardiac arrest will not make the bus come faster and with no funds to take a cab, all that's left to do is woosah, shake my fist and pray.

Also, my iPod shuts itself off every 20 seconds.


New phone with 8gb means I could put music on it until I can get an iPod. I believe in the separation of music player and phone.
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