Sunday, January 10, 2010

Walk On By...

Not so sure about TD. (I know, already!) Idk. Something is not there. Conversation is not easy over the phone. Or maybe I'm already looking for a way out.
We'll see.

Idk if I mentioned this before but I'm having a party for my business on Feb 4th, also my birthday and I'm nervous! I want people to show up! When I say people, I mean 150. Pray for me ya'll. I've been promo'ing it heavily.

I just wanna be...I just wanna be...I just wanna be...successful!

I told a friend I felt a certain type of way towards another friend. He was like..I'm not the type to think I have haters or anyone's trying to get me so if I feel that way, it must be real.

I hope so and I hope not.

All I can say on the situation is, "No one likes a smart ass."

Unrelated, I think BFF is lying to me about something. This girl is cheap cheap cheap! She never spends money on herself unless she needs to impress someone. So, the last times she got her hair and nails done: she got married, she had a black tie gala to go to, she was meeting her husband's mother for the first get the point.

So...she says to me all casual-like, I'm getting my hair done. This was on Thursday. No biggie. Lately, she's been getting her hair done. Its $10 and its easier for her to maintain. Ok. The red flag came yesterday when I asked her what she was doing. She said she was getting her nails done. The next text she said she's kinda upset bc she'll have to take them off when she starts her nursing program in a few weeks. So....I was like hmm...why put them on to take them off? She said because she just felt like it.


BFF has only lied to me when it comes to 1 person and that's Punjabi.

Something's rotten in the state of Denmark. Hopefully, I'm wrong.

Lastly, there's this older married guy who keeps communicating with me. It makes me uncomfortable because he's very flattering and stuff. I try to be nice but I've shut him down a couple of times and the communication has slowed down. He may be lonely. He may be in his mid-life crisis. He may be sick of his marriage. He may just like talking to pretty young thangs (like myself) but I do NOT play that ish. I'm no Amy Fisher!

I've been having lots of dreams where I'm running. One dream, I was in a high school with 15 flaws and in the dream, I was my friend's sister and I was running trying to get out of the school. Last night, I don't remember the dream but I was running in that one too. What could that mean?

An artist I work with on photo shoots said she had a vision that one of the models we work with is being molested. She's very spiritual and she thinks its real. Freaked me out. Don't know what to do. The model is 11 yrs old. She thinks she's being molested by the girl's brothers. She said, in her vision, the mother knows. If she confronts the mother, she'll make sure she can't contact the child. What to do? Almost being molested as a child, I know the terror and fear that comes with being helpless. Situation is messed up.

On a lighter note, ever read someone's blog and they talk about how beautiful they are, how everyone wants them, and how they're just God's gift? If you're saying yes, I hope its not THIS blog. Its so funny how we see ourselves and how the world sees us. I told YW a long time ago, in my head I'm Salma Hayek. When I look in the mirror, it may be a little different but as long as I stay away from reflective surfaces in the street I'm good! Lol

These are my many thoughts right now. Gotta get up at 7 for church in the am. Peace.
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Young woman on a journey said...

haha...and i'm beyonce. this is definitely not one of those blogs though.

that sounds suspect about bff. but as another bonafide cheapo, i can say sometimes you just want to throw caution to the wind and treat yourself. i hope that's what it is.

people will come and they will love it, cause you are awesome!

you know i'm not even into older guys, and older married ones, NO THANK YOU. tell him to do as this post is titled.

Trish said...

I'm with YW on the older men topic, they just seem to want the goods. I've learned we don't get gut feelings for nothing. Sounds like BFF is up to something.