Saturday, January 23, 2010

Ay ay ay!

(This is going to be a long one..brace yourselves, lol)

There's a lot going on right now.

My intern started last week and it feels weird being someone's boss although she does keep me motivated to stay on top of stuff. We share the same name which is weird but cool.

My party is in a week or so and this week begins a week of mayhem and madness.

I went to all night prayer last night. It was amazing. Today I was so drained though.

So....I don't trust Diva and I've decided to distance myself from her. Its a long story. I'll summarize it by saying this:

I know that God gave us many gifts. Some people have the gift of prophecy, others the gift of singing and dance, etc. Growing up the way I did, I have a huge problem with people lying and saying that the God told them things that are false.

Diva said that God told her some things and they were all negative and were all surrounding children being molested. Yet, she does nothing to stop it.

She says that "her gift" allows her to see things that a person with common sense can deduce. Me no likey.

She doesn't know I have a gift, too. Its called silence. Silence makes people uncomfortable. I love it.
Along with silence, I have a great memory. The funny thing is, when you're quiet, people usually feel the need to talk more and I usually let them.

Diva and I had an agreement long ago that I would throw her work and she would do the same.

She has not once sent me a job. Fine. This shoot, she took it over. She made it seem like the client wanted to cut me out but she shut it down. This is a client whom I have a great relationship with...then she's getting paid to do hair. I kid you not, she brushed a wig. This is after being 2 hours late.

So, I hear her talking to the photographer abt how she's done this and that shoot...showing him pictures of her makeup skills...going IN. She even brought her makeup kit. It didn't feel right. As I'm doing the client's face, I feel eyes on me.

I turn and Diva is staring at everything I'm doing. It made me so uncomfortable like she's trying to see how I'm doing it.

I don't care about showing people how to do stuff. The look in her eyes wasn't godly. It felt like envy.

Diva whispered to me that she didn't have any money to feed her children. I've witnessed and have given her money on the strength of the kids and I just didn't have the extra to feed myself, her and her 2 children.

I watched as she spoke to the photographer who bought them all food. It made me realize that she is a manipulator out to get whatever she can from people. It made me sick to my stomach.

So.......yea. The only thing is, she works on the magazine I work with, too. Idk how that's going to pan out. I've been faithful to the mag but I may need to tell Editor to get another makeup artist. *sigh*

I've been dog-sitting a friend's Yorkie since Wednesday night. It made me realize I really really really want a dog. I can handle it.

That's all for now folks...
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Trish said...

Yeah everyone isn't meant to be our friend. I HATE people that try to get over.

All night prayer sounds cool!

Emanuel said...

Sounds like YOU received revelations at all night prayer. Now, what are you going to do with it? YOU are a Woman of God, Nina. YOU have spiritual gifts too. Your parents didn't raise no fool when they raised you. Do what you KNOW to do re Diva and others just like her. Okay?!

Young woman on a journey said...

you've always been a very mature and intuitive person. I am sure that if you are feeling the need to distance yourself, it is grounded in something real and significant. I think you are making the best choice by distancing yourself. its best to surround yourself with good people who assist you in your journey to be better.

小小彬 said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool.