Friday, January 29, 2010

Three's Company

(once again, this is super bad but i haven't updated in a minute)

I waited in my grayscale cheetah tights, flat knee high boots, cropped leather jacket and my iPod at the train station for Editor. He walked past, did a double take and spoke.

I was not going to say anything...I'm in deflector mode as always, but for some reason, I took the earbuds out and listened.

His name Olu. He's Nigerian by heritage. "He's 6ft 5 and 3/4," he laughs...stating that he doesn't like to lie and say that he's 6"6, since he's not quite there. He's charming, aggressive. He's fresh out of college and looking for a job. He has pillowy lips that I couldn't stop staring at and small very slanted eyes that make him look exotic. His skin is the color of charcoal. He's gorgeous. He was very complimentary of me, calling me beautiful every other sentence. It was nice. He's my type..tall, dark and handsome. I couldn't stop saying his name over and over. Four syllables. We chatted until Editor came (!) and even on the train until he got off. I like him.

Editor and I were on our way to a birthday party for a woman I have no feelings for...negative or positive. She is beautiful though.

He snuck up behind me. Archer. We'd shared fliratious affections for each other at other events. He was different, last night. He was not in his usual business casual attire. He had on a hoodie, sweater, bubble vest, jeans and sneakers. His glasses were gone. He was even more sexy than usual. His long locs were almost waist-length.

He's so charming. We had an actual conversation and he wowed me. He floored me with his ease. He works in the club scene and he's also an artist. He sees hot women all the time. He has an old school way about him. I really like him.

I listened to his music and told him I would put it on the playlist for my party. I listened as he talked about whatever excited him. He felt as though he were talking a lot. He was, but I enjoyed it.

I asked the question I wanted to know more than anything.

I asked casually, "Do you have a girlfriend?"

"No," he answered. I raised my eyebrows, not really believing it.

"What type of women do you like?"

"Beautiful, funny nerds."

I laughed. I didn't want to assume...but...come on! (lol)

He asked me the same...

"Smart, nerdy, God-fearing. Like, really God-fearing..not like...yea girl, I love God now can I hit it."

He laughed showing his dimples. He's only a few inches taller than me. Not really my thing but he has everything else I've seen recently. I dig him. I told him I would be calling him for lunch or something.

Hopefully, that will happen. I can't see anything past next week.

Olu has a unique name and so when I typed his name into Fac.ebook's Find Friends Search Criteria, I was certain I would find him.

I did. I perused his page and was assaulted with an entire photo album dedicated to his "girlfriend." The most important female in his life. I was flabbergasted.

I immediately BBM'ed him, thinking of ahh he said about being truthful.

I said, "I'm having a party next week. This is the info. Maybe you should bring Robyn."


"Robyn, your girlfriend."

"I don't have a girlfiend."

"I Facebooked you."

He called me. He asked me to look at the dates he posted that album and the last comments she wrote. He made that album in 2007. They broke up in April 2009. She last commented Jan 21, 2009. I was thinking that was last week. I felt so stupid. We laughed about it. I can feel the amount of baggage he has. He's been hurt badly.

He said, "I told you. I don't play games and I don't lie."

I'm going to hold on to that.

Ummmmm, also, he has 2 kids. They're the same age and they're not twins.


He said he had a girlfriend. She was cheating on him. When he found out, he started messing with another girl. They were both pregnant. The ex, he didn't know she had a child until months after he was born. They did a paternity test and it's his. Did I mention he's 24?