Monday, January 18, 2010

Rockaway Life

Ever so often, people tell me in indirect ways that I need to change. The common traits that people don't get about me is that I'm calm in the midst of most things going on. The second trait is that I'm too nice.

Case and Point:
This girl said she had a job for me to do Melanie Fiona's face. She tweeted me to do it. I didn't respond. I didn't respond because she misspelled my Twitter name. She claimed she really wanted me to do the job. I asked...why didn't you call or text me?

She didn't know.

I didn't yell at her. I didn't call her a dumb bitch. I just told her to call me next time.

Had that been today, it would've been a different story.

Now...I'm at a shoot. One of my clients called and asked me to do a shoot for her. Sweet. I asked her if she needed a hair stylist. She did. So....I called Diva. Diva takes over the entire shoot. Ok, that's fine. But then, she starts harassing me about time. If anyone knows anything about me, I'm always on time. Then, she starts changing times. Fine, whatever.

I'm here on time and I call her. She hadn't even left her house yet. Are you effing kidding me? I got so pissed because some people want to be bosses. Some people want to take over everything and they can't handle it.

I'm PMS-ing and angry at everyone.


On another note, today marks one year of celibacy! Yayyyyy! I'm going out for drinks tonight. Friends have been super-flaky lately. So, I may be by myself drinking. Oh well...its a celebration bitches!

After this weekend, I deserve it.

Pray for me ya'll. My face is stone. I need to shake this off. Woooooosaaaaahhhhhhhh!
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Young woman on a journey said...

i'm praying for you girl. yes you are too nice and yes you are too calm. but what to do. it takes more effort to change and avoid getting taken advantage of than it does to just be yourself and know that all your good deeds won't be forgotten and that you will be flooded with blessings. so just be yourself.

K said...

wow congrats on making a year!