Sunday, January 24, 2010


Twin made me a skirt intended for New Year's Eve. I decided to wear a dress my mom bought me instead. In hindsight, that was a Grade A decision.

Today, I channeled Carolina Herrera in a white button down shirt and a beautiful black and gold embroidered skirt, black tights and black patent leather pumps. As I bent down to pick up something that had fallen before I left the house, I heard a few stitches pop on the side of the skirt. No biggie.

No, it was a warning.

As I entered the bus, a few more stitches popped. This time, in the back where I had a slit. As I sat down, more stitches popped. I got up, more stitches. Until, my entire butt was exposed. I was more than a few stops from home which meant a 20 minute walk in heels to do a wardrobe change, guaranteeing I'd be late or risking the chance of going to a store near church, getting safety pins and pinning my skirt together. there was a chance, I'd make it on time.

I thought the latter was a good plan. The 3rd store I went into had pins of all sizes. Perfect right. But, the more I pinned it, the more it felt like my thighs were growing and the fabric was not coming together at all!

I was right across the street from church and now a 30 minute ride home on the bus, $12 cab ride home and 20 minutes into the service.

I held my head high and covered my exposed thigh as much as possible and walked into service late.

The message was right on point!
I felt as though if I'd missed it, I wouldve missed something valuable.

After the service was over, I was kind of relieved my pastor wasn't at his usual post greeting people as they left. I made a mad dash outside like a vampire escaping the Sun, hailed a cab and rode off into the Sunset.
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Young woman on a journey said...

wow. that could have been soo much more embarassing!