Monday, January 11, 2010

...Too Bad Cuz Love is Blind...

Carter hasn't called, text, FB'd, tweeted, sent smoke signals now that he's back home.

(That reminds me of that scene with Drew Barrymore in "He's Just Not That Into You," where she's like.."Between Myspace, texting, email, Facebook...I can get rejected 7 different ways..)

I only have one thought:

Thank God I didn't sleep with him!

I love moments like that when I could've operated off of emotion (read:horniness) and have done something (read: handcuffs and stilettos) and would be beating my head against the wall.

Alas, yes these moments are bittersweet because for a slight second, I was calculating how I could fly out to South Carolina. Just like I calculate how to fly to Chicago, Bermuda and London every now and then.

Part of me thinks if I put out things would be different. I doubt it. If you can't handle a few sips, how can you handle an entire glass.

Oh, you get what I'm saying!

Just like Swizzy and Jay say.."On to the next!"
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Trish said...

That's just how I felt when Teddy disappeared, relief that we hadn't gotten physical! People show their true colors after a while. I like your optimism though, no place to go but forward.