Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

Read this post first!

Right, so.....

BFF is in Connecticut for the weekend. I told her over gchat about Olu.
Oh yea, it starts off because I told him I was celibate in our first conversation on the phone. He said wow for like 5 mins straight. lol

BFF: cuz its like i just met you, we on the train, why you need to know all that right now but i understand

me: bc it either makes them stay to see if they can get some or run away knowing they cant he says he can't believe i'm single

BFF: really, well, weeds out the losers

me: all the way single yea, to hear you tell it, i love losers

BFF: ol hey thats true, most people are tied up in stuff they dont want or dont need but stay in it to say they got somebody ... like me! nah you dont you used to attract some, but theyre gone now

me: lol they may be making a comeback he's 6"5 3/4

BFF: here we go, hes big and brawny and nina's swooning
dont ask me about these things because now im going to come over extremely overprotective

me: hunh?

BFF: 1. he got kids and a baby mama 2. he knows hes sexy, you dont need to tell him, but youve already verified that in his mind

me: how so?

BFF: by raping him with your eyes! i know you! you saw and you said "me likey!!!" rawrrr lol

me: lol

BFF: i dont know homie, it just seems like if you didnt like your baby mama enough to stay with her and want to be with her, then why you have kids with her? and not just one, two? like i said, i feel overprotective and judgmental. perhaps cuz ive already plotted out in my mind what my life wouldve looked like in a semi-similar situation

me: umm 2 baby mamas *Cringe*
he was with the one girl
she admitted she was cheating on him he left her and slept with someone else they both got pregnant. he didn't know abt the first kid until much later they took a paternity test

BFF: i dont know
people are crazy
im part of this group so i can talk about them 1. why have unprotected sex with someone you dont know that well and let them cum in you and knock you up? they could have had any number of diseases, thank God they didnt, but they still knocked you up
you aint married, you aint prepared if you were, this would be planned and he wouldnt be available for you to talk to

me: wow, this judgment now

BFF: yeah it is and its hard

me: now, BFF...after everything you've been thru
this is where it comes because you've been thru it and you know better

BFF: because everybodys situation isnt the same but i feel at the core it kinda is
yeah i do know

me: judge not lest ye be judged

BFF: but i just dont know why people put themselves through this

me: why did you?

BFF: yeah i know, im working on it
outta f-ing stupidity

me: there ya go

BFF: didnt make no dang sense

me: hopefully, they all learned right along with you

BFF: i certainly hope so
forgive me
im just bitter

me: yea, i'm not saying life is perfect but can't throw your bitterness into other people's situations
it's new
his breath may stink all the time and i may not like him but you cant discount ppl

BFF: im sorry thats why i was saying i shouldnt even give my opinion. it wouldnt come out right yeah i know

me: yea, but ur my bff and i know its rough but i can't not ask your opinion or tell you something and not get feedback

FF: yeah i know, i'll try to be nicer

me: you've told me stuff that i want to go in on but i check myself

BFF:well i hope that something helpful comes out of our convos :)

me: whose?

BFF: ours

me: of course i have my guard up and i try to be smart

BFF: yeah i know you do. luv ya girly

me: I know you do. I love you too. That's why I call you out on your mess.

BFF: don't I know it! lol

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