Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It's a Wrap

I've been getting flack from friends who think I don't pay them enough attention. I don't know what else to do...I'm trying. I don't mean to neglect people, I just feel like I'm drowning all around. It didn't help that I catch up on blogs today and I missed a good friend's birthday. (sorry YW) I don't know...*sigh*
Things with TD are non-existent. I felt kind of guilty for a moment.
Our first date, we agreed to go to dinner on Thursday that passed. Wednesday came and no one confirmed. Thursday, I had errands to run and I met up with a friend for a late lunch. I thought about TD in passing but I just didn't think anything about the missed date. At 10pm, I saw that I missed a call from a 212 number (Manhattan area code). I checked my messages. There were 2 calls and messages from him. One was at 5:30 and the other at 10. I called him back at 10:30 and he picked drunk, he was slurring his words. He wasn't making sense. I told him I would call him back the next day. I did. No response. I called him yesterday, no response. SO, I think things are done.

I feel sad and relieved at the same time. The more I thought about it, things would not have worked out. I'm sad because I know it would've been a different experience and it's nice to feel wanted and stuff.

Funny thing is..because he wasn't responding, I went into hunter mode for a moment...almost pursuing him. I need to chill on that. I've decided that for this year..I'm not going to pursue men. I'm going to put it out there that I'm interested, but I'm sick of chasing. I'm too busy to play games with people. I'm too busy to make things happen where they will not. I'll do my part but they've got to do theirs, too. Done and done.

I really feel like I make things to easy for people.
There's more on my mind....but I just don't have time to blog it right this second....
Ever feel like you have to let some stuff off your chest or you will burst?


Young woman on a journey said...

of course we feel this way. that's why we blog. lol.

yaay to being chased!

Trish said...

I agree with YW!! So glad to hear you realize you should be the hunted and not the hunter. The men will come, I'm sure! Also, we can't please everyone all the time. I've been getting neglected comments but I'm just trying to get a routine established.

K said...

I really feel like I make things to easy for people.... I feel this way too- I hate it- i'm sooo want me you gotta put in the effort!