Friday, May 2, 2008

WTF Moment + Other Ish (continued)

(This was supposed to have been posted on May 1)

I said, "Hell No! Don't give that n---a money."

Yes, I felt that strongly.

"He had no words for you all week and then...I need money, let me
contact you. The dick wasn't that good was it?"

She paused.

"Shit," I murmed.

She laughed nervously.

I told her to call him. Ask him what the deal is. Get a straight answer
from him. Do it now. She called. No answer.

Hmmm. I said, wait 10 minutes, call from Cousin's phone. Cousin is her
(you guessed it) her cousin (well, really close family friend, but you
know in black terms...) from Louisiana. Thus, she has a 225 area code
preceding her number. We talked about how low down he is and I told her
it was time to face the music.

Cousin called.

He picked up.

She preceded to tell him he gave her his number while he was in NYC. She
asked him repeatedly if he remembered her, to which he replied in the
affirmative. He goaded her to send him pictures to his sidekick. The
same sidekick BFF had been sending e-mails that he "never got."

*mumbles obscenities under breath*

She wasn't doing it fast enough, so he called her twice to make sure she
sent it.

He called moments after he got them to invite himself to her "spot in
Manhatan" to have sex because he's "not ready for a relationship."

BFF and I were horrified. This Negro had no words for her for 2 weeks,
yet he had plenty for Cousin, who by the way, is very pretty. So is

They let the situation ride out. The dog in question had been calling
Cousin of the hook. They don't know what the next step will be.


Just as quickly as my affection for Leroy manifested itself, it has

Yesterday, we had Date #2. He bought me a gift. 2 leather-bound writing
notebooks. He said it was from writer to another.


We perused through Barnes and Noble and its apparent he is not as
well-read as he proclaimed himself to be. I offered to make him a book
list, cause brother needs some help.

We picked up an astrology book. Cancer Man w/Aquarius Woman. It said
that he could never figure her out and that mysteriousness is apart of
her charm, yet it could be detrimental to the relationship. She's
patient and a good mother, open-minded and tolerant of most things. You
can't shock her.

Aquarius Woman w/Cancer Man.
He's boring and a home-body and your eccentric nature may not mesh with
his stoic nature. He's a good provider and excellent father. If you are
smarter than your partner be smart enough not to show that to him. That
could cause problems in the relationship.

There was a lot more but it pretty much congealed everything I had in
the back of my mind.

He took me to this soul food restaurant in the village. In the middle of
dinner, he announces, he will kiss me.

"I think you're delectable. I want to kiss you now, but not in the

"Well, you're not supposed to tell me!"

He laughed.

"Well if you're gonna do it, then you better be good at it.."

He laughed.

"Well don't worry about that."

"How are you getting home from this area?"

"I'm gonna walk you home."

"That takes you way out of your way."

"Ok. Well, no we can take the same train and my stop is after yours.
But, I thought by that question you wanted me to take you home."

*thinks "heck no!"

"I was just wondering since your train is kind of obscure around these

"So, you don't want me to take you home."
He winked.

"No thanks"

"Are you sure, its no inconvenience."

"I'm sure. Thanks"

He paid the check and came back and kissed me dead on the lips. It was a
quick peck. I've kissed some of my gay friends like that. He caught me
off guard but I was silently relieved. We got to the train station
because I was cold. He bent down and laid one on me.


No chemistry for me at all.


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jirzygurl said...

thank goodness she didn't give that nigga no money!!! he is ridiculous. and i hope bff and cousin come up with a good way to completely screw him. what a loser