Friday, May 9, 2008

What's What

Me: That was the last time we will sleep together.

Blair: That is ur decision and I have no choice but to respect it

Me: Thank you

It is done.
3 weeks ago, I called Afroman. He picked up erroneously and I heard him
speaking to another person. "I don't talk to her. She calls me. I don't
call her."

I was sure I was mistaken.

I hit him up later that night.

I called you. Did you know?

Yes. I picked up and said I didn't feel like talking.

That's not what I heard.

What did u hear?

I told him.

He said he sounded far away because he had his phone set for bluetooth
and he couldn't find it, so he was yelling so I could hear him.

Immediately after he says that, he says he's going to sleep.

All this time, we haven't spoken, txt, e-mailed...nothing. We went from
daily communication to nothing. He mentioned a girl he was seeing. It
could be her. It could be the ex he's living with. Whomever it is. Even
if he's decided to not speak to me, the least I should've gotten is an

To say I am deeply hurt is an understatement.

I will end this here.
Until tomorrow.


Monie said...

Afroman is a real piece of work...

jirzygurl said...

men are wack...