Sunday, May 11, 2008


As I think of last night/this morning, among the many things that put a
smile on my face is 4 year old Justin. I was at a friend's house when he
caught my eye and smiled. I goaded him to sit on my lap and in 5 seconds
he was up again making funny noises and laughing at everything and

He's a real heartbreaker.

I ran around with him, swirled him around, threw him in the air and took
Cheetos from his hand and ate them.

His mother asked as he was leaving, what's her name?


That's not her name. Ask her.

What's your name? He asked me in broken child-speak.



No. Nee-na.


Yes. Ninja.

Everyone laughed.

Do you want a son?

No, I'm good for now.

You'd be a great mother.

And so, because my potential is so great...Happy Mother's Day to me.

And Jenny...I mean Jane and Trina.

And to all those who've lost their mothers like myself. Can't you feel
them smiling down on us?

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