Friday, May 9, 2008


I sat on the train trying to zone out. 2 things happened.

1. I saw a grown ass woman sucking her thumb rubbing her ear. Wtf? I was
looking at her super-bug eyed. Then she has the nerve to pull out a Zane
book. Trick, if you're grown enough to read Zane, you're grown enough to
not put your nasty ass finger in your mouth.

2. A priest came on the train. The guy sitting next to me didn't even
wait to the priest could sit down good before he asked him to pray for
him. He did. I moved. I thought it was awesome.

Priests weird me out. It has nothing to do with child molestation
either. Most people of "the cloth" weird me out. They all feel so
entitled. And to what?


Season passes to heaven.

I don't know.

They just make me really uncomfortable.

Another day of wearing heels to work and while I look "oh so sweet," I
don't think I can do this. I was on my feet literally ALL day. I am so
thankful that tomorrow is Friday and I can rest a little. I might wear
heels tomorrow anyway.

Call me a masochist.

I'm a foxy masochist...


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

is she grown fixated on her thum u shold have posted that pic lol

Monie said...

LOL Wear them heels, girl!